Copy of Aunt Lida's letter to Arwilda
from document copy sent to Hugh Daniel Wilson by Gerald McCallum in September of 2010.  Handwriting appears to be that of Laura Wilson McCallum and we are assuming that it was sent by Eliza Wilson Balfour to Arwilda Wilson Summers.  Comments in italics are from Hugh Wilson (see scan of copy)

Ezekiel Wilson as a man and family lived in Bucks Co. Pa., 20 or 30 miles from Phila. near a place called Rightstown (probably Wrightstown in Wrightstown Township of Bucks County), probably a small town.  His family 13 children, only 3 boys.  Amos the youngest.  Only one of the boys lived.  George lived in Phila, one son (must of been others, Aunt Lida does not seem to know).  John Wilson (apparently other brother of Amos) lived in South hamptonville (this is probably Southampton), Bucks Co., 2 children.  Son Edmund married; lived at Foxchase, died leaving 2 small girls.  His widow kept boarders.  John's daughter married George Stoudh, mother and baby, both died.  My father's sisters were many.  I may have given Maude (probably Maude Wilson Silver) their names.  My father (Amos) always said he was raised a Quaker.  He learned his trade (blacksmith) with a man named Sime or Simon Brooks and came to Ohio after finishing his trade.  Stopped with a family he had known in the East, Malon Cooper - Quakers.

Ezekiel had a sister.  They were seperated when their parents died and Ezekiel never knew where his sister found a home.  They were small children at the time of their parents death. (She mentions no name).

I have considerable history of the Dungan family dating as far back as Charlemain 784.  We belong to Royalty.  I heard the lady who Aunt Hettie (this is the Aunt that Aunt Lida visited when I was a little girl.  Aunt Heddie Ryan, wife of Charles Ryan [this comment is probably a comment from Laura]) raised say that Elizabeth Dungan, wife of Ezekiel Wilson, was a very beautiful woman.  She the visator was a visator in their home, there with Aunt Hettie.    Thomas Dungan was the first Gov. of New York (not true, but still an important person and family - see overview and reference therein to colonial governors of New York).    

I am anxious to help with the family history if there is anything I can do.  If my father (Amos Wilson) knew who raised his father Ezekiel he never told me but I have always thought it was the man they called old doctor Tom Chapman.  The family Dr. in that neighborhood and the name of that town.  I have spelled it Wrightstown not sure which is correct.  I have the name of my fathers sisters and who they married and the Dungan geneology from 748 down to my son Walters birth date Mch 17, 1902.