This web site is under development to serve as a digital 'commons' for members of the 'Alliance, Ohio' Wilson clan.  We hope that the 'WilsonHome' project will facilitate networked communication among elements of the extended family, and also enhance common access to clan heritage.

    We are kicking around various options and ideas for site development but, right now, content goes to the site as time permits.  If you have any comments, please e-mail Hugh at h-wilson@tamu.edu.    

    Content areas now under construction are:

Breaking news - links Relatively current items and outlinks that might be ephemeral
Image Archive
Raw images from various sources, mostly family photo albums.
Ancestors and Family of
Margaret and Daniel
Wilson (1975)
 A digital replicate of Elvin Wilson's 1975 booklet, which represents the foundation for much of the content listed below.
Family History Data Base (Overview page) A summary page with outlinks to information present in the booklet referenced above and new material derived - mostly - from the internet.  Outlinks to raw data and sources where possible.
Family History Data Base (Web Output) Output pages from the program currently used to manage family history info (LDS Personal Ancestral File).

Wilson DNA
Overview of information generated by analysis of  Hugh Wilson's DNA (currently YDNA, mtDNA, and - most recently - full autosomal DNA.  Should other family members pursue this aspect of family history, results can be posted here.
Artifacts A 'locater' for physical objects associated with family history.
Document Archive Documents from the past
Wilson Morgue
(newspaper clippings)
A growing collection of digitized stories, overviews, and  - mostly - obituaries


Site initiated 26 November, 1999 and last updated 18 November 2014.